Best exercises to stop foot pain

Best exercises to stop foot pain

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When you experience pain in your foot, one of the very first things that you can do is to engage with some appropriate workouts. In fact, regular foot exercise can help you to stay away from experiencing foot pain in the long run. However, you should still be aware about the best exercises available out there to overcome foot pain. Here’s a couple of exercises that you may try as of now.


Standing calf raises


You need to stand on your feet, while keeping them shoulder width apart. Then you can raise your heels and end up with lifting yourself from the big toe. Throughout this movement, you will need to keep the balls of your feet on the ground. You can do around 8 reps of standing calf raises at a time.


Toe spread and press


Toe spread and press is one of the best exercises that a podiatrist would recommend for overcoming plantar fasciitis pain. That’s because it can treat inflammation and pain of tissues in feet. To engage with the workout, you will need to stand on your feet, while keeping them hip-width apart. Then you can lift the toes and then spread them as much as you can. In fact, it is better if you can hold your toes until you are tired with it.


While keeping the toes spread, you will need to press the balls of your toes in downward direction. Make sure that you don’t allow any other part of your feet to lift. You can follow this for around 10 reps regularly.


The Asterisk


Asterisk is a foot exercise that can assist you with strengthening your heel, the balls of little toes and the balls of big toes. Moreover, it has the ability to enhance your overall ankle mobility as well. To start the workout, you should stand tall, while keeping all your bodyweight on the right leg. Then you should point the toe of your right foot and tap in the floor, while keeping it right in front of your left foot toe.


Next, you need to return back to the original position, and then repeat the same movement in counterclockwise direction. You can end the process by tapping your pointed foot across and behind your other foot. Continue to repeat the same thing on your left side as well, while moving in clockwise direction.


Bent knee heel raises


You can strengthen your Achilles tendon along with collagen with the help of Bent knee heel raises. This exercise is ideal for runners who wish to stay away from foot pain. To begin with, you will need to stand on a box or bench. Make sure that you keep your heels hanging over the edge of it. Then you can make yourself steady by placing the hands onto a wall located in front of you.


Next, transfer your body weight to the left leg and lower down your left heel. Along with that, you will need to push up, so that you will be raising the heel above the height of your bench or box. Make sure that you keep the leg bent all throughout. Then you can repeat the same on the right leg. Do this for around 15 reps per each leg.


Now you are aware about the best exercises to overcome foot pain. If these exercises don’t deliver the results you want, you can meet a podiatrist doctor near me. You can visit Boyner’s Foot Clinic and get custom orthotics, which will help you with overcoming the pain you experience. These custom orthotics will be offered after careful examination of your condition as well. Hence, you don’t need to worry about their effectiveness.

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