Diabetic Foot Care Center In Delhi

Diabetic Foot Care Center in Delhi

Diabetic Foot

What is Diabetes?

A chronic and crippling disease, Diabetes is a condition where the human body either cannot produce insulin or is not able to properly use the insulin it creates. Insulin refers to a hormone in the body that regulates the sugar in the bloodstream. Diabetes leads to high blood sugar levels, which can damage numerous systems in the body, such as the organs, nerves, and blood vessels.


Diabetes can also cause nerve damage and blood flow problems in the lower limbs and the feet. Due to this, the people who have diabetes are at a higher risk of developing complications that result from minor injuries, including blisters or cuts. Nerve damage leads to a reduction in the sensation of the feet and makes it difficult for one to feel when an injury occurs. Poor blood flow can also make it tough for the body to heal from small cuts or wounds.


If these impairments occur in a combination, it can make a small injury become a much larger issue for the patient.


Symptoms of Diabetes


With time, people may experience numerous changes or symptoms in their feet that may lead to diabetes. These include-


  •     Numbness, tingling or unusual sensations in the feet
  •     Dry, cracking or peeling of skin
  •     Heavy and spongy feeling in the feet
  •     Development of skin issues such as calluses or corns
  •     Delay in the healing of wounds
  •     Changes in the shape, flexibility or movement of the feet

Risk factors that Cause Diabetes


  •     Family history of diabetes
  •     History of gestational diabetes
  •     High cholesterol
  •     High Blood pressure
  •     High or inconsistent blood glucose levels in the past
  •     Smoking

Checklist for Managing the Symptoms of Diabetes


Check the footwearEveryone should wear shoes that fit well and support their feet. The shoes should be low-heeled, supportive, and wide enough so that they can accommodate the foot. In addition to this, one needs to make sure that they don’t rub or pinch any area of the foot. Ideally, they must be lined with a soft and seamless interior. Worn-out shoes or those which do not fit properly often lead to foot complications.

We provide the best shoe insoles for diabetics so that people will get relief during walks and other sports activities.

Protect feet- One must protect their feet both inside and outside the home. Always wear slippers with a hard sole or sandal to protect the feet from any injury. Furthermore, it is also suggested to wear socks for added protection.


Examine the toes and feet daily- Check the skin regularly for any redness, blisters, cracks or dry patches. Inspect the toenails for cracks, sharp edges or any other changes


Maintain a healthy lifestyle– Healthy eating, management of blood glucose level, and weight control are three essential factors for successful diabetes management. Consult a dietician, family doctor or a diabetes care specialist for more information.


What are the Treatment Options for Diabetes?

People with diabetes are required to take immense care of their feet. They are required to connect with foot experts who will help in reducing the risk of diabetes-related foot complications by providing advice on footwear. Depending on the symptoms, the experts will suggest the patient get custom orthotics to deal with diabetes. Custom orthotics are recommended by experts as they are soft and help in providing added cushioning to hold the foot and keep the deformed areas from being irritated.

One can connect with the Boyner Clinic to get the optimum quality custom orthotics to get the best diabetic insoles treatment.

Diabetic foot care center in Delhi For custom foot orthotics

A custom orthotic is the most effective tool for preventing foot injury in people with diabetes. Unlike other conditions, where orthotics are used for correction or control, orthotics for diabetes require redistributing pressure along the soles of feet for reduction of areas where the patient experiences excessive pressure, friction, or shear.

At Boyner Clinic, we offer custom orthotics that are manufactured specifically for you by using a 3D cast of your foot. Our foot experts design the orthotics with materials and additions in accordance with your needs. The orthotics are designed to offer you maximum convenience and comfort. As the best diabetic foot care centre in Delhi, we make sure our custom-made orthotics provide the most comfort and relief of symptoms. In addition to Delhi, we also offer our services in Gurgaon. Connect with us to know more about custom foot orthotics.

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