How does Boyner Clinic help in Flat Feet Problems

How does Boyner Clinic help in Flat Feet Problems

Normal Arch vs Flat foot

Flat foot is a very common problem that is seen among the people. The condition has a physiological impact, and it is noticed in one foot or on both feet. The patient having such a problem may pass it on to the next generation. So, it is a hereditary trait that takes time to develop. Usually, people with flat feet issues have no arch on their feet, so the sole touches to the foot entirely. In the case of children, flexible flatfoot is a deformity that shows up from early childhood.

The condition called flexible flatfoot occurs in both feet, and with age, it gets worse. In such a condition, when the person is standing on the ground, the foot is entirely touching the ground, but once it is lifted from the ground, the arch comes back.

Reasons behind flatfoot problem

In the case of children, flatfoot is a hereditary problem. Often it happens due to the laxity of ligaments, tightness of Achilles tendons, and lack of exercise. When it comes to adults, flatfoot condition is often formed due to injury, or development of abnormal joint, diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, overuse of feet, and due to aging.

Symptoms of flatfoot condition
The foot condition called flatfoot has visible symptoms that are listed below:

  • Leg fatigue and pain in walking and running
  • Inflammation of tissue
  • Occasional pain in heel foot and ankle
  • The person will feel pain in the hip, knee, in the lower back
  • The foot deformity may cause posterior tendon dysfunction
  • The person with this foot problem will face abnormality in walking
  • Flatfoot problem often leads to arthritis, plantar fasciitis, rolled-ankle, etc.

Flatfoot treatment for children
If the kid is not feeling pain in the foot and ankle, the parents do not have to worry about it. But, if the kid has an abnormal walking style due to the deformity, then doctors suggest a special insole that helps in walking comfortably. The doctors of Boyner Clinic ask the patients to get an X-ray done, and after having the internal picture, doctors suggest leg exercises as well.

Flatfoot treatment for Adults
When it comes to adults, the doctors of Boyner Clinic first opt for non-surgical treatment for the patient having a flatfoot problem. The non-surgical treatment includes custom orthotics, brace to support, exercises, customized insole. The patient is asked to do exercises in modification. Apart from that, patients are asked to shed weight so that pressure is reduced.

The orthopedics at Boyner Clinic takes care of the patient to their utmost and also suggests the best for them. They are specialized in insole making, and patients find it very comfortable in walking. The clinic has an experienced team of doctors and staff who work together to provide the best treatment in the country. The cost of the treatment is also attainable, so anyone having a foot problem can visit them. It is a reputed clinic and has earned experience throughout the years by treating numerous foot problems.

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